Affiliations & Partnerships

Harrisdale is a not for profit affiliated with the Wallace Foundation for Rural Research and Development. To achieve for the people of southwest Iowa an increase in the standard of living and quality of life through accelerated agriculture. Research, education, technology transfer and rural development initiative.  www.wallacefdn.org

Harrisdale is a member of the Iowa Network for Community Agriculture (INCA). INCA promotes relationships among people who are developing sustainable, local food sources that are safe and healthy for people, all creatures, and the land. www.growinca.org

Harrisdale is working with Women, Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN). We are expanding our network throughout the world and bringing the unique perspective of women into agriculture. www.wfan.org

Harrisdale partners with the leadership development organization, Global Horizons. Through a process called "visioneering", Global Horizons is a firm specializing in generating positive attitudes in relationships with individuals in businesses, communities, organizations and churches. Global Horizons' philosophy is based on the belief that in order to build a whole community or organization, you first need to build each individual.  www.ghorizons.com

Harrisdale partners with the Food Decision Making Program The Food Decision-making Program's mission is to help people think differently about food and eating and the interrelationships within the food system. The food decision-making program aims to build family and community capacity to identify and implement effective change strategies to improve local food systems and contribute to the local economy as well as health and well-being  http://familyfood.human.cornell.edu/goals.html

Harrisdale partners with the Southwest Iowa Food and Farm Initiative. Building a sustainable regional food system linking production, processing, distribution, and consumption for better health, food security, and community and economic development is the goal starting with the seven counties touching Cass County. Harrisdale Homestead is in Cass County and one of the founders.  www.swiffi.org

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